Sunday, December 2, 2012

"Send a Signal That She's Hanging All Her Hopes on the Stars..."

Friday, I got approved for an apartment. It's something that I can afford. It's a two bedroom, so the only ones that will live there will be Cheyenne and I. It's right across from work and I've already told Chey that I would get up earlier in the mornings so that I could take her to school for the rest of the year so she doesn't have to change mid-year. Her junior year, though, she'll be transferring to the closer high school which is also a better high school than where she is now.

This is such an important thing for more than one reason.

One of those being is that I think this will be the first time I (we) have ever lived alone and had our own place. When I graduated high school and had my first apartment, it wasn't mine because my boyfriend at the time moved in. I've always lived with a boyfriend, husband or roommates. This will be the first time that I can remember where I have my own place.

We're going to need furniture and due to requests, I made an Amazon wishlist for just stuff for the apartment located here. It's just a list of ideas to go by and I've tried to keep to the cheapest, usable things that I could find.  So far, most things are from IKEA, Amazon or Target because that's where I found stuff. I am also thinking about getting a futon for the living room instead of a couch because they seem to be cheaper than couches.

Our current move in date is January 7th, but it could happen a few days sooner. It all depends on how soon the people that gave notice leave and how quickly the apartment is put into condition for new tenants.

I have a lot of things going through my mind right now and I'm trying not to feel overwhelmed with everything we're going to need for the apartment, but it's *hard*.

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